Requirements for Continued Enrollment

Good Academic Standing

An undergraduate student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above at UNC Charlotte.

Academic Probation

An undergraduate student who has a grade point deficit between 1 and 13 is placed on academic probation, and this is noted on the student’s academic record and grade report.  The grade point deficit is the number of additional grade points required to bring a student’s cumulative grade point average to 2.0.

Academic Suspension

A student is suspended when either of the following apply: (1) the student has a grade point deficit of 14 or more, OR (2) the student fails to achieve good standing by the end of two successful semesters on probation (excluding summer sessions).

However, a student will not be suspended:

  1. Who was in good standing at the end of the most recent regular semester (excluding summer sessions); OR
  2. Who is finishing the first regular semester of enrollment (excluding summer sessions) at UNC Charlotte; OR
  3. Who has a 2.5 GPA for the current semester (excluding summer sessions); OR
  4. Who is readmitted after a break in UNC Charlotte enrollment of two calendar years or more.

Exception for Summer Enrollment.  Students who are on academic suspension are permitted to enroll in summer session classes.  They are not eligible to continue enrollment in the fall and spring semesters until they have applied and been approved for readmission.

Requirements for Readmission after Academic Suspension or Termination

An undergraduate student under suspension must satisfy the admission requirements as stated elsewhere in this Catalog, to qualify for readmission.

In addition, an undergraduate student who has been suspended for failure to satisfy the requirements for continued enrollment stated above will be ineligible for readmission until (1) an appeal is accepted through the Registrar’s office with the approval of the department in which the student would major; (2) he/she meets the requirements for continued enrollment; (3) he/she earns an associate of arts (AA) degree from an accredited two-year institution; or (4) the student elects to use the Two-Year-Rule.  A suspended student who originally entered UNC Charlotte Fall 1993 or later is eligible for one readmission to the University (but not to a specific program) using either the A.A. Degree Rule or the Two-Year Rule.  (See Readmission of Former Students in this Catalog.)  If readmitted, the student is expected to satisfy the requirements for continued enrollment.

Note:  Readmission after suspension or after an incomplete semester, whether caused by withdrawal or suspension, is not automatic.  An application for readmission must be made and approved.  Included in the approval must be an acceptance from the department in which the student would major.  (See the section on Readmission of Former Students elsewhere in this Catalog.)

Appeal Procedures

Undergraduate students may appeal their suspension by submitting a written statement to the Registrar’s Office.  Other grievances relating to academic status are to be addressed by the college where the grievance arises, or if no particular college is appropriate, by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs.  Written procedures are available from the dean of each college and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management.