History of Acalog and Curriculog at UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte launched Acalog in Spring 2015, followed by Curriculog in Spring 2016, to provide an electronic academic program and course approval system for creating, modifying, and accessing degree programs, individual courses, and catalog information.  This site was developed to provide information on the development and implementation of Acalog and Curriculog, and provides a history of the initiative.

Acalog: In Summer 2015, the 2015-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs were published online using the Acalog software.  See campus announcement for details.  Acalog provides for a database-driven catalog, meaning that the content of each page is dynamically created for each user.  The database is integrated with Banner, our student information system, and with Curriculog (see below) which allows for seamless transfer of information and one central database.  The new catalog includes a user-friendly mobile app, and a "My Favorites" feature that allows users to customize and save their most used "pages" of the catalog.

Curriculog: In Spring 2016, Curriculog was launched for all course and curriculum actions.  This includes a set of forms and routing processes that reflect the information gathered and the routing for the former Short Form and Long Form.  With Curriculog, users choose the form based on the type of action you wish to do (e.g., create a new course, make changes to an existing program), and once the form is complete, it will be routed to the approvers in the queue.  When the proposal is approved, it will automatically load into Banner and will be ready for the next version of the catalog.

Why did UNC Charlotte move to Acalog/Curriculog? 

At UNC Charlotte, we had developed well-meaning processes and systems for managing our curriculum – the efficiency and utility of which had been lessened as the institution has grown and become more complex.  Processes for course and curriculum approvals, catalog publication and maintenance, and class registration were overly complex, incredibly time-intensive, and unnecessarily paper-driven.  Acalog/Curriculog help in reducing and eliminating the inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and other problems associated with the former system while providing faculty, departments, colleges, and staff the ability to access, edit, and propose changes to curriculum in a simple, efficient way.  The goals of Acalog and Curriculog are to:

  1. Maintain an accurate account of all course offerings and degree programs
  2. Integrate course, degree, and catalog information with Banner and DegreeWorks
  3. Allow faculty, departments, colleges, and staff to access, edit, and propose changes to the curriculum and the catalog in a web-based approval system


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