Resources for Course & Curriculum Proposals

Policies, Procedures, Documents, and Guides:

   +   Curriculog Calendar (html)    
   +   University Catalogs (html)    
   +   Catalog Editorial Style Guide (Updated April 2022)     (pdf)
   +   CIP Code Revision Memo (two samples)     (pdf)
   +   Course Numbering and Status Policy (html)    
   +   Academic Credit Hour Policy (html)    
   +   Curriculog Login (html)    
   +   Curriculog Guide (html)    
   +   Deadlines and FAQs (html)    
   +   Degree Name Revision Procedure (html)    
   +   DOs and DON'Ts (html)   (pdf)
   +   General Education Program Policy (html)    
   +   Graduate Certificate Program Renewal Procedure (html)   (pdf)
   +   New-Revised Graduate Syllabus Guidelines     (pdf)
   +   Procedures for Planning and Establishing New Degree Programs (html)    
   +   One-Time Course Approvals Procedure (html)    
   +   Program Layout Example (Undergraduate)     (pdf)
   +   Program Template (Undergraduate)   (word)  
   +   Program Concentration Layout Example (Undergraduate)     (pdf)
   +   Program Concentration Template (Undergraduate)   (word)  
   +   Checklist for Reviewing Graduate Proposals in Curriculog     (pdf)
   +   Checklist for Reviewing Undergraduate Proposals in Curriculog     (pdf)
   +   Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment Plan & Report Template   (word)  
   +   Suggested Syllabus Policies & Notices (html)    
   +   Curriculog Training Resources (html)    


► Additional questions can be directed to the Faculty Governance Assistant who will, as needed, forward them to the appropriate chair.