Results of Faculty Governance Elections for 2023-2024

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Election Results

Faculty Secretary

– Debra Smith, Africana Studies (CLAS)

Chair of Faculty Employment Status Committee (FESC)

– Yuri Nesmelov, Physics and Optical Science (CLAS)

Chair of Faculty Information & Technology Services Advisory Committee (FITSAC)

– Don Jacobs, Physics and Optical Science (CLAS)

Chair of Faculty Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SOTL) Grants Committee

– Susan Arthur, Applied Physiology, Health and Clinical Sciences (CHHS)

Chair of Graduate Council

– Concepcion Godev, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

Faculty Assembly, Delegates [two]

David Dalton, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

– Elizabeth Sullivan, Music (COAA)

Grievance Committee, Members [seven]

– Oscar De la Torre Cueva, Africana Studies (CLAS)

– Jay Grymes, Music (COAA)

– Matthew Parrow, Biological Sciences (CLAS)

– Monica Rodriguez, Languages and Culture Studies (CLAS)

– Teresa Scheid, Sociology (CLAS)

– Aaron Toscano, English (CLAS)

Lufei Young, Nursing (CHHS)

Hearing Committee, Members [three]

– Suzanne Boyd, Social Work (CHHS)

– Gregory Starrett, Anthropology (CLAS)

– Matthew Whelan, Civil and Environmental Engineering (COE)

Teaching Excellence Awards Committee, Member

– Drew Polly, Reading and Elementary Education (COED)

Teaching Excellence Awards Committee, Non-Tenure Track Member

Jamie Strickland, Geography and Earth Sciences (CLAS)