DOs and DON'Ts

DOs and DON’Ts



  • Select the correct proposal form (some actions will require multiple proposal forms)
  • Submit separate proposals for course and program changes
  • Try to include all your proposed revisions to a given program within one proposal per catalog year
  • Adhere to deadlines to increase chances of reaching approval in time for Registration and publishing of next Catalog
  • Turn on the help text by clicking the help text icon
  • Review the workflow before launching proposal
  • Launch your proposal before making proposed edits to the catalog copy
  • Review the mark-up of proposed course or program changes before approving proposal
  • Upload attachments before approving proposal
  • Utilize the ‘Watch List’ to monitor progress of proposals of interest
  • Be aware of Curriculog notifications that arrive in your email
  • Address each reason provided by the committee or reviewer before approving proposal custom-routed to you
  • Utilize user guides, training videos, and in-person training
  • Contact a Curriculog Champion or the Curriculog Administrator with questions you have


  • Make ANY edits to a course or program BEFORE launching the proposal
  • Combine edits to courses and program in one proposal
  • Add unapproved courses to program proposals without first submitting the new course proposals
  • Assume that mentioning a course change within a program revision proposal will update that course
  • Submit a single new course proposal for two courses cross-listed with each other
  • Custom Route a proposal for a minor issue that can be addressed without custom routing
  • Wait until the Spring semester to start proposals for the Fall semester